Ibadan, Nigeria Virtual Launch: Innovation & Diversity in Healthcare

No doubt technology is revolutionizing every sector, and healthcare is not left out in getting its share of the disruption. We will discuss the trends and advancement of innovation within health care putting into perspective the challenges faced by stakeholders within the sector in Nigeria!

No doubt technology is revolutionizing every sector, and healthcare is not left out in getting its share of the disruption.

We will discuss the trends and advancement of innovation within health care putting into perspective the challenges faced by stakeholders within the sector. Possible solutions for effective service delivery will be discussed while leveraging the capabilities of tech.

Most importantly, we’ll consider how we can support one another when it comes to ensuring the inclusion of people of all backgrounds in healthtech & care.


11:00 - Arrivals & registration

11:05 - Welcome Note from One HealthTech Ibadan

11:10 - Inclusion in the Nigerian healthtech space - DR. NOIMOT BALOGUN, Project Lead Linka.ng

11:30 - Innovation in Healthcare - Current Trends in Nigeria- DR.WALE ADEOSUN - CEO, WELLVIS HEALTH

11:45 - Panel Q&A

12:05 - Vote of thanks and announcement

12:20 - Close

Speaker Bios

DR. WALE ADEOSUN  @waledash

Dr. Adeosun Michael Wale (MD) is a health management consultant and a digital health entrepreneur with over 8 years’ experience in health service delivery, program management, and in the deployment, application and management of digital health solutions. Wale has experience providing technical assistance to development partners and governmental agencies on health policy and financing, public-private partnerships in health and in managing innovative ideas that strengthen health systems to improve health outcomes, service delivery and quality in of care.

He has strong interests in creating and supporting innovative solutions that improve access to quality and affordable primary health care services. Other areas of professional focus include health policy and financing via public-private partnerships.

Wale is enthusiastic about the increasing adoption and the overall role of digital technologies and health data analytics in informing changes in health policy, as well as in clinical practice, and in promoting and maximizing health systems investments within the country and the world at large. As a health management consultant and a digital health practitioner with first-hand experience in working and building strategic partnerships within the health sector, he has a good knowledge of the local/state and national health systems.

He is competent in the application of IT-based innovations in healthcare services delivery and management, following his role in overseeing the adoption, deployment and implementation of Hospital Information Management Systems across several health facilities in Nigeria. He’s most interested in and committed to solutions and projects that aim to improve and democratise access to health information and services to the general public, particularly underserved persons.

He is a co-founder and the CEO of Wellvis Health; a comprehensive teleheath platform. As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, his company created Wellvis COVID Triage Tool - for COVID-19 infection risk assessment, education, and decision making as it provides the required safety education and measures, reassurance, and support for users of the tool. The tool has since been officially adopted by the NCDC to support the fight against COVID-19 in Nigeria.

Wale is a budding Francophile. He enjoys travelling and being “in shape”.


With the realization of  communication as an innovation for health care delivery in the global market, Noimot has worked with local and international public and private organizations to engage populations across formal to informal settings.

Selected as one of the 10 Nigerian women who were changing the narrative of health through technology by hellocare.ng in 2019, Noimot has been able to engage more than 100 thousand Nigerians through simplified health messages on Facebook, and LinkedIn social media platforms.

Currently a volunteer at the Health policy commission of the National Economic Summit group, she equally functions as the team lead, content unit of the Lagos State risk communication pillar of the Covid19 response; a  board member of the HCP space CSR initiative of IQVIA; and an Adjunct research fellow in Communications of the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research

She has presented abstracts at conferences such as the South African Public health Conference in 2013; Association of Public health Physicians in Nigeria Biennial conference in 2014; and the International Conference on Communication in Health 2019.

She also has 3 print publications in Guardian Newspapers and Premium Times and recently got her article on local facemasks published in 3 online Newspapers in Nigeria.

Dr Balogun is the project lead of Linka.ng, a health relationships company that interfaces between health systems and the population they serve. She enjoys local, National and global discourses on health, and showcases the applied research of health interventions through her write ups and articles on social media.

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